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About Us

Airplane Wing
Who we are;

Orbit Air Aviation is in the aviation industry with 20-year experienced aviation proffesionals to provide efficient, reliable and dependable aviation solutions.


Our experience at aircraft operations, charter, leasing, trading, cargo sales, airline and flight support, quality and technical ensures international flight safety standards complying on-time operations with high dispatch reliability.


Our core services are diversified in a wide range in the industry; Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Leasing & Trading, Air Cargo GSA and Aviation Services.


We are offering our core dynamics as an aviation solution provider for air transportation on worldwide basis efficiently and adopting ourselves to market demands and tailor made solutions.

What we do;
  • Cargo Aircraft Charter; ADHOC, Chain, Scheduled Charter.

  • Passenger Aircraft Charter; Closed Groups, Touristic Flights, Hajj and  Umrah.

  • Business Jet Charters, operations, VIP services.

  • Aircraft Leasing & Trading; Lease, Lease-Purchuase, Sales, Marketing,  Acqusations, Aircraft and Fleet Management.

  • ACMI Wet-lease Aircraft arrangements & operations.

  • Air Cargo General Sales Agent; Marketing & Sales,  integration with Leading IATA Freight Forwarders

  • Aircraft and Engine Evaluation, Records inspections.

  • Aircraft Certification and Registration; AOC providing.

  • Airline Support; Start-up, Feasibility, Route Analysis, Project Management, Restructure and development

  • Flight Support; 24hour Flight Watch, Supervision, Permits, Handling, Catering, Fuel arrangements

  • Technical Maintenance Support, Aircraft Heavy Maintenance MRO Arrangements & Supervision. 

Our motto is introducing the flexibility for our business partners requirements, efficient and reliable services.     

Our mission is to expand our services with dedication to our customers; complying ‘safety first’ with exceptional service, integrity and on schedule reliability. 

Our vision is to establish most preferred, dependable and reliable customer oriented and  efficient aircraft services and aviation solutions.

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