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Air Cargo General Sales Agent CGSA

Airplane Wing
Air Cargo General Sales Agent (CGSA);
  • Air Cargo Market Analysis, local and International Markets; Marketing, Analyse, Strategies and reporting 

  • Air Cargo Sales, intergration with Leading IATA Freight Forwarders.

  • Dedicated Staff for Booking, Reservation, Coordination 

  • Cargo Handling supervision, load planning for palletising

  • Documents Handling; Import & Export

  • ULD; Pallet and Container supply, leasing

  • CC Shipments delivey and payment collections.

  • Interline agreements: with other carriers for a wide range of destinations connecting world-wide off-line destinations.

  • Road Feeder System: for distribution and collecting the cargoes based on ON-TIME delivery principle with scheduled and dedicated trucks.

Our value added services;
  • Airport-to-airport delivery

  • Warehouse delivery

  • Custom-bounded trucking

  • Customs clearing

  • Door-delivery

  • Warehousing facilities

Types of Cargoes;
  • General Cargo

  • Oversize Cargoes

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Perishables

  • Live Animals

  • Valuable Cargo

  • Other Special Cargoes

Cargo General Sales Agent of;

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OREX Air Cargo

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