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Aircraft Charter

Airplane Wing
Cargo Aircraft Charters;

We are planning the right schedule for you with variety of aircrafts types in our fleet for the payload – range equation is our expertise. We can offer variety of aircrafts including B747-400F, B747-200F, B777F, A300-600F, B757F B737-300/400F’s; A330-200/300P2F, B777-200P2F, B767-200/300P2F's.

  • Special projects

  • World-Wide operations

  • Urgent requirements

  • Conflicted zone Operations

  • Relief Flights

  • Trucking Services; Scheduled & Dedicated

  • Airport-to-Airport Delivery

  • Warehouse delivery

  • Door-Delivery

Passenger Aircraft Charters; 

Our area of operation is world-wide basis at international, domestic, continental and inter-continental routes. We are offering various types such as B737's; A320/321, B757,B767, B777, A330-200/300, B747's.


Strategic collaborations with leading tour operators, agents and GSA’s ensuring a value added service with efficient flight operation experience.

  • Adhoc - One of Charter flights

  • Chain or Seasonal Charter Operations

  • Touristic Charters

  • Hajj Flights

  • Umrah operations year around

  • Various types of aircrafts

  • World-wide all weather operations.

Hajj and Umrah Flights;

We are specialized at Hajj operations with experienced crew and staff ensuring on-time operation for pilgrims’ at the most congested time to Holly Lands as well as Umrah flights through all year.


We are offering both Full Charter and ACMI Wet-Lease flights with wide-body passenger aircrafts including A300-600, A330, A340, B767, B777 and B747-400 types.

Business Jet Charters;

We are offering variety of Executive Business Jets; Light, Medium, Heavy and Corporate Jets available for your travel requirements with VIP service.

  • Business trips

  • Corporate executive travels

  • Diplomatic Flights

  • Tour Operator requirements

  • Medical transportation

  • Music band concert tours

  • Sports Teams executive flight

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