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Leasing & Trade

Airplane Wing
Aircraft Leasing & Trade;
  • Aircraft Sale, Lease, Purchase, Lease-Purchuase, Sale and Lease back and Acquisitions

  • Aircraft Evaluation, Advisory

  • Technical Inspection & Maintenance records Check

  • Engine Baroscope and test

  • Lease, Lease/Purchase and Straight Purchase Contracts

  • Airline and Aircraft Certification Process

  • Aircraft Comparison, Cost and Route Studies

  • Aircraft and Fleet Management

  • Airline Management, Consulting,Restructure, Expansion

  • Aircraft Operating, AOC support

  • Aircraft Certification and Registration

Business Jet Leasing, Trade and Operation;
  • Evaluate, purchase, lease / purchase Business Jets

  • Variety of Business Jets in various types including Hawker, Challenger, Gulfstream, Citation, Lear Jet

  • World-wide basis All-waether operations

  • Registration, certification and operation of Business Jets and management

  • Commercialize your Business Jets at world wide network

  • Technical Support, Maintenance, Engineering, Planning Control and Heavy Maintenance Checks

  • Provide Cockpit and cabin crew, ground operation staff and technician/mechanics 

ACMI Wet-lease;

Orbit Air Aviation is offering ACMI Wet-Lease aircraft solutions since establishment cooperating with valuable airlines including flag carriers.

Our experience on Wet-lease ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) operations is to support your requirements professionally benefiting the aircraft as if your own aircraft on your own fleet.

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